Eye Exams: What to Expect

Yearly comprehensive eye exams are crucial to detecting changes in your vision and risk of eye-related diseases. We recommend adults have a comprehensive eye exam every year, and children should have an eye exam as early as six months before they start school, and then every 1-2 years. We often get questions about what to…
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Bifocal vs Progressive Lenses

For individuals that need vision correction both near and far, progressive or bifocal lenses are a must-have! As your eyes age and your vision changes, age-related farsightedness or presbyopia may start to affect your vision.What are Bifocal or Progressive Lenses?Progressive and bifocal lenses transition from near to far distance prescription within one lens! For that…
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Signs You’re Suffering From Computer Vision Syndrome

As our world becomes increasingly digital, the number of people suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) has also increased. Raise your hand if you have experienced one of the following symptoms.eye straindifficulty focusingred, dry, itchy, or burning eyesblurry or double visioneye twitchingnearsightedness, also called myopiaheadachesneck or shoulder pain and stiffnessbackacheA combination of two or more…
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Online Shopping? What You’re Missing When You Purchase Online

Love online shopping and want to extend your purchases to online eyewear? Before you do, let us share with you what you may be missing! Eyewear is one of the most important investments you can make, it will help you see the world around you and complete your daily life to the best of your…
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